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About Me

Hello there and thanks for coming to check out my about page!

I suppose you’re here to read all about the fascinating explanation of who I am, what I do, and why I have a website dedicated to it. Imagine the possibilities! It could be a legend filled with adventure, intrigue, long lost love, and treasure! Or perhaps the story begins on a dark and stormy night where the first full moon of spring hangs lifeless in the sky, and a newly turned werewolf howls in the far away distance. Or better yet, what if the tale starts just as a young boy receives an unexpected letter? One that promises an introduction to a world filled with magic, wizards, and dangerous dragons?

Unfortunately, the truth is not quite that exciting.

I’m just a full-time developer that works at a large corporation by day, and by night, well... I mostly just sleep. However I do have a keen interest in indie game development and most recently, teaching myself to create vector art.

To that end I’ve set aside some of my spare time in order to teach myself a few tricks to do with game development, creating game art assets, and other indie dev related activities. So the truth is, this site is just a collection of my thoughts and attempts at creating interesting side projects for myself (and celebrations of when I actually manage to complete one).


Mini rpg vector characters that I created