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I've just updated my site with a new section all about projects! The way that it works in my build is via metalsmith-collections and metalsmith-pager.

First to identify that a post is going to be about a project (rather than some other topic) so that it will appear in my special 'Projects' page, I have to assign the post to a specific collection in some way so I can reference it later.

To do that I've use the following metadata in the post.md file:

collection: projects

During my occasional bouts of extended programming sessions, I'd been having some issues with pains in my wrist. Nothing major but it tended to be rather annoying when it happened. I eventually decided to try getting a more ergonomic setup at my desk to see if it would make any noticeable difference.

After doing some research online (is there any other place that you do research now a days?), I stumbled upon a bunch of information about split keyboards. Their major benefit being that you can position the 2 halves separately including tilting them so that you don't have to angle your wrists so much. This sounded promising to me, so I began investigating what some of the most popular split keyboards were available.

Let's see if my build pipeline correctly highlights code syntax.

Here is my first attempt by using metalsmith-markdown and highlight.js:

    highlight: (code) => {
        return require('highlight.js').highlightAuto(code).value;

Hello World this is a different post which I am using as a placeholder while I iterate on my site design.

At some point I plan to call it "done" and then I'll start adding some real content. I'm thinking that I'll start with a post about how I actually made it, including some source code snippets and other musings.

Todo list

  • Finish site
  • Write a post about the ins and outs of using metalsmith.io
  • Forget to write any other blog entries for several months
  • Write about coding all my other side projects
  • Upload some content to youtube
  • Also github
  • Do some more fun unity game projects
  • And I guess actually blog about them
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