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My unit asset store pack - Animated Pixel Pack - is currently updating to version 1.1! (Available here)

Animated Pixel Pack

All new female adventurers have been added.

  • Adventurer
  • Amazonian
  • Assassin
  • Enchantress
  • Witch

Also added a new Halloween character - The headless horseman! Spoooooky.

My adventures into the Unity mecanim animation features are finally complete!

A whole bunch of re-drawn sprites cut into individual parts and animated with mecanim. This allows the pack to share the animations between many different sprite skins, giving huge amounts of customizability! It also includes the corresponding animation state machines, prefabs, and atlas. Everything you need to get started with your own game.

Animated Pixel Pack

Today both of my last 2 packs were approved on the Unity Asset Store!

That means there are now a total of 4 packs for Unity developers to use to create a retro 8 bit pixelated game. They come with all the spritesheets, prefabs, and mecanim animations ready to go. So you just need to drop them into your game and update the controller code.

Mini Characters

My final (for now) pack is available on gamedevmarket.net

What does this mean?

Well it means that I now have 4 packs of matching animated sprites available for indie devs to purchase and make use of in their games! That's a total of 12 hand crafted sprites with a retro 8 bit pixelated feel.

Mini Characters

Since making the casting animations for my various pixel sprites, I always had the idea in my head of a lightning spell. That's why they point their weapon up into the sky and then cast forwards.

You can of course use that animation for any sort of spell, adding additional charging/particle effects while they are powering up, and then the actual spell when they fire it off.

But the one I always imagined you can now see for yourself on youtube here:

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