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Unity - Animated Pixel Pack available!

My adventures into the Unity mecanim animation features are finally complete!

A whole bunch of re-drawn sprites cut into individual parts and animated with mecanim. This allows the pack to share the animations between many different sprite skins, giving huge amounts of customizability! It also includes the corresponding animation state machines, prefabs, and atlas. Everything you need to get started with your own game.

Animated Pixel Pack

It's also highly optimized. I spent a bunch of time making sure to cut down on drawcalls, over-draw, and the need for expensive shaders. Meaning that they should work great even on mobile platforms!

A demo of the included animation can be seen on youtube here (The demo game is also included in the pack from the store.)

Below is the link to the pack available now on the unity asset store, check it out:

Animated Pixel Pack on the unity asset store